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Colouring is fun! This app is designed to make your colouring experience even more customized and fun.

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Do you want to make your kid happy while also developing their motoric and cognitive skills? Or you just want to colour your favourite photo and enjoy the experience to relax or take time for yourself? Colour-me offers simple and easy to use interfacte where you can create colouring pictures from your photos and colour them in many interactive ways (i.e. colour by numbers).


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“It was hard for me to get my chid into colouring. After few minutes he would get bored and will switch to something else. Colour-me has came to me as great tool in solving this problem. He got more interested as he could paint his own leg favourite toy or his lunch?”

Anthony Davis

“A lot of parents choose to give a mobile phone to their children to keep them occupied, I am also one of them. Insted of watching youtube I decided to give them a mobile phone colouring app so they could easily interact with the world around them and have fun doing it.”


“ Me and my daughter love the app! It is easy to use ,you can just take a picture of anything you want wait for few a secondes and it will be converted into a beautiful colouring image. Hope that everybody will enjoy using the app as much as we are.”

Morana Babic

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